After Battle Pale Ale
Ekim Brewing

After Battle Pale Ale

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Inspired by long summer days in the garden (and perhaps a little too much swearing at the lawn mower), this beer has seen the aftermath of many a battle. First brewed in 50L batches over 10 years ago, and yes, much like our Band-Aid skills, it’s seen a few little tweaks and improvements over the course of time. A decade on and many batches later, it is still our most popular beer!


Brewed using Simcoe, Citra & Mosaic hops, our After Battle Pale Ale has always been a tasty combination of citrus and tropical flavours, all whilst keeping the malt profile on the lighter side to let those hops shine through at rather modest 5.2% ABV

5.2% ABV        4 x 375ml cans

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